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Vanilla Heaven

Bakery, Coffee and Pastry Shop

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5 Points                                                           One Free Brownie

7 Points                                                       One Free Cake Slice

8 Points                                  One Free Signature Cake Slice

9 Points                             One Free Expensive Dessert Item

10 Points                                                 One Free Cup Dessert

15 Points                               One Free French Macarons Box

20 Points                   10% Off Entire Sale (up to $20.00 off)

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Ice Coffee

Coffee Menu

Making Coffee

Coffee Menu

Our Coffee Menu Offers a Great Variety of Coffee Drinks which includes Dairy and Non-Dairy Options as well as Iced-Blended Coffee Drinks. Optional Add-Ons are also available for the additional charge. 



Create your own custom smoothie with different kinds of fruits, tropical fruits, berries and milk. 

Fruit smoothies with black currant, stra
Different milkshakes assorted summer col



In this section of the menu you can find variety types of milkshakes. Any size and any flavor you want. 

Iced tea.jpg

Cold Drinks

In this Section of the Menu you can find many different types of iced teas and lemonades. 

Three mason jar glasses of summer iced t
Chocolate with Marshmallows Drink

Hot Drinks

In this Section of the Menu you can find many different types of hot drinks such as teas, hot chocolate as well as frozen hot chocolate. 

Lemon Tea
Colorful Pastries


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About Us

Vanilla Heaven is a bakery in Montclair, NJ specializing in European style baked goods and pastries. Our licensed cook has over 25 years of experience baking delicious treats, so whether your looking for a quick breakfast or you want surprise a loved one with one of our cakes, our menu has many great options to choose from.

We put our heart and soul into each baked good, and won't stop working on it until it's perfect. All desserts are made to order from scratch with high-quality ingredients and we always go above and beyond to provide you with the pastry you deserve. We take a lot of pride in our work and strive to give you not only the most beautiful, but the most delicious cakes and treats you've ever had.

For more information about our bakery, contact us at Vanilla Heaven today!

Opening Hours


12:00 pm. - 10:00 pm

Wednesday -Closed


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342 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ, 07042


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